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  • Ban Will Hurt 7 Million US Businesses
    The anticipated TikTok ban is expected to impact approximately 7 million businesses across the United States. Read more
  • Meta’s Llama 3 Model Sets New AI Benchmark
    Meta’s latest generative AI model, Llama 3, introduces advanced capabilities that could redefine industry standards. Read more
  • Rate Shock Unlikely to Aid UK Banks
    Despite potential increases in interest rates, major UK banks may not see the expected benefits in profitability. Read more
  • Thames Water Plans Major Bill Increase
    Thames Water aims to raise customer bills significantly to fund improvements and address leakage issues. Read more
  • AI Potential in Addressing Japan’s Labour Shortage
    The use of artificial intelligence is being explored as a solution to mitigate the severe labour shortages in Japan. Read more
  • Euro Nears Parity with Dollar Amid Economic Pressures
    Increased betting in the financial markets suggests the euro may soon reach parity with the dollar due to economic factors in Europe and the US. Read more
  • Singapore Reinforces Stability to Global Banks
    Singapore has conducted top-level briefings to reassure international banks of its economic and political stability amidst global tensions. Read more

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