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  • Bank and FCA Enhance Data Collection Processes: The Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority are improving internal processes for data collection, reducing costs to the industry. Read more
  • UK Finance Advocates for Variable Recurring Payments: A report by UK Finance aims to drive competition and efficiencies in commercial applications of VRPs. Read more
  • Nationwide Ceases Lending on High Flood-Risk Properties: Nationwide has stopped providing mortgages for properties at high flood risk, contrasting with other lenders who continue under certain conditions. Read more
  • Brexit Checks Could Increase Costs for UK Food Importers by 60%: Importers face significantly higher operational costs due to new post-Brexit regulations. Read more
  • Birmingham City Council’s Financial Crisis Questioned: Councillors challenge the accuracy of the reported £760m equal pay liability that led to severe budget cuts. Read more
  • Unexpected Drop in UK House Prices: For the second consecutive month, UK house prices have fallen, putting pressure on the Bank of England. Read more
  • AI’s Emerging Impact on Cloud Computing: Recent earnings suggest that AI technology is starting to affect business results within major cloud computing platforms. Read more
  • BNPL Purchases Could Lead to Overwhelming Payment Schedules: Frequent use of Buy Now, Pay Later services may result in hundreds of annual payments, complicating financial management. Read more
  • Majority of Over 55s Disregard Financial Advice Despite Challenges: Despite facing retirement difficulties, many older individuals neglect professional financial advice. Read more
  • Real Wage Growth Stagnates Across the UK: In a significant portion of the UK, real wages remain lower than pre-2008 levels. Read more
  • Increase in Complaints About Credit Cards and Banking Services: The Financial Ombudsman Service reports a rise in finance-related complaints, contrasting with reports of falling mortgage complaints. Read more
  • Public Becomes More Aware of Financial Scams Through Pension Service: A significant percentage of individuals feel better equipped to handle financial scams after receiving guidance from the Pension Wise service. Read more
  • In-Work Individuals Still Struggle With Debt Despite Advice: Even among full-time workers who seek debt advice, financial struggles persist, highlighting systemic issues. Read more
  • John Lewis and Waitrose Reform Job Application Process: These companies now allow job candidates to preview interview questions, aiming to make hiring fairer. Read more
  • UK Implements Strict Password Regulations to Combat Cyber Attacks: New legislation bans common passwords to enhance security across digital platforms. Read more
  • Slow Progress on Open Banking in Canada Frustrates Fintech Sector: Delays in implementing open banking regulations are seen as barriers to innovation and competition. Read more
  • North of UK Sees Stronger House Price Inflation: Despite overall subdued property values, northern regions of the UK exhibit relatively stronger house price growth. Read more
  • Meta’s Llama 3 Model Sets Pace in Open AI Race: Meta’s new AI model, Llama 3, leads in the open-source AI technology field, still in ongoing development. Read more
  • Financial Strain for UK BNPL Users as Payments Accumulate: One-third of BNPL users in the UK struggle with their payment obligations, highlighting issues with the financial model. Read more
  • Monzo Anticipates New Funding Round: UK digital bank Monzo is close to securing an additional £500 million in funding to support its growth. Read more
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