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  • Monzo Achieves Year of Profitability: Monzo records its first full year of profitability, indicating a pivotal shift in its financial standing. Read more
  • AI Accelerates Battery Safety Research: Researchers use AI to speed up the search for safer and more effective battery materials. Read more
  • UK Mortgage Borrowing Peaks: Mortgage borrowing in the UK rises to the highest level since October 2022 as market conditions improve. Read more
  • Generative AI Could Increase Corporate Inequalities: The adoption of generative AI technologies is seen as a potential factor in widening gaps between corporations. Read more
  • Reduction in Household Costs Noted: March reports a decline in household costs, easing financial burdens for families. Read more
  • Consumer Credit Borrowing Decreases by Half: In April 2024, there was a significant reduction in consumer credit borrowing in the UK. Read more
  • Complexity of Probability Highlighted by Monty Hall Problem: The Monty Hall problem exemplifies the complexities of probability assessment. Read more
  • Google to Refine AI Search Summaries: Google plans to enhance the accuracy of its AI-generated search summaries after encountering unusual results. Read more
  • Recovery in UK House Prices: House prices in the UK show recovery in May, indicating a potential stabilisation in the housing market. Read more
  • Rise in Eurozone Inflation: Inflation in the Eurozone sees an unexpected rise, complicating the economic outlook and policy decisions. Read more
  • AI’s New Role in Investment Decisions: AI is being increasingly utilised in making critical investment decisions, shifting from traditional back-office roles. Read more
  • Sharp Increase in UK Household Debt Forecasted: Fitch Ratings warns of a sharp increase in the UK household debt burden, influenced by variable mortgage rates. Read more
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