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  • Landlords Exiting Market Pose Major Risk to Renters: New data highlights a growing crisis in the private rental sector, with landlords selling properties contributing significantly to housing instability. Read more
  • Google Implements AI to Combat Phone Theft: Google’s new AI-driven feature aims to lock stolen Android phones by detecting motions typical of theft, enhancing data security. Read more
  • WhatsApp Set to Overtake SMS as Most Trusted Messaging Channel: Research indicates that WhatsApp is poised to become the leading trusted platform for business communications, surpassing traditional SMS. Read more
  • Increasing Number of Retirees Facing Mortgage Payments: A significant portion of new mortgages now extend into the borrower’s retirement, highlighting a shift in lending practices. Read more
  • AI and ML Boost Banks’ Debt Collection Efficiency by 25%: Credgenics leverages AI and machine learning to enhance the debt recovery processes of banks and financial institutions. Read more
  • Climate Disasters Threaten Major Financial Instability: The Federal Reserve’s simulations show potential financial risks from climate-related disasters, indicating a need for preparedness in the banking sector. Read more
  • Game Theory Enhances AI Correctness and Efficiency: Utilizing game theory, researchers improve the accuracy and reliability of AI models in replicating consistent outcomes across varying queries. Read more
  • One in Four Mortgage Holders Rely on Credit to Meet Payments: A significant portion of mortgage holders are using additional credit to manage their ongoing financial obligations. Read more
  • Mortgage Arrears Continue to Rise in Early 2024: The first quarter of 2024 sees a continuation of rising mortgage arrears, indicating persistent financial pressure on homeowners. Read more
  • UK Economy Exits Recession with GDP Growth: Recent statistics show the UK economy growing at its fastest pace in two years, officially marking the end of the recession. Read more
  • Dark Radiation Could Explain Dark Energy’s Anomalies: New theories suggest interactions between dark matter and dark energy, potentially altering our understanding of the universe’s expansion. Read more
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