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  • UK Government Issues Advisory on High-Risk Money Laundering Countries: The advisory highlights the need for enhanced due diligence for high-risk third countries as identified by the FATF. Read more
  • Renfrewshire Council Revises School Meal Debt Collection Strategy: Following a review, the council will stop using bailiffs to collect unpaid school meal fees. Read more
  • FCA Car Loan Commission Review May Impact UK Banks: An investigation into car loan commissions by the FCA is expected to negatively affect bank valuations. Read more
  • UK Consumer Confidence Deteriorates Amid Economic Uncertainty: A recent stall in the improvement of the Overall Index Score is attributed to concerns over a potential recession. Read more
  • Household Debt Repayment Excludes Mortgage, Averages £406 Monthly: The average UK household’s monthly debt repayment, excluding mortgages, highlights the burden of non-mortgage debts. Read more
  • FCA Staff Might Need Hardship Fund Due to Low Pay Levels: FCA employees face financial challenges as their pay does not keep up with inflation, leading to discussions of a hardship fund. Read more
  • UK Food Price Inflation Hits Nearly Two-Year Low: A dip in the cost of meat, fish, and fruit in February brings food price inflation down, offering some relief to households. Read more
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Required for Transactions Involving HRTCs: The UK’s MLRs mandate stricter customer due diligence for countries listed by the FATF as high-risk. Read more
  • Scottish Council to Change Approach to Unpaid School Meals: A shift in policy aims to address the issue of unpaid school meal fees without resorting to legal action against families. Read more
  • British Banks Face Challenges from FCA’s Car Loan Investigation: The scrutiny over car loan commissions could have long-term effects on the lending market and bank profits. Read more
  • Recession Fears Contribute to Drop in Consumer Confidence: Economic uncertainties lead to a decline in consumer optimism, affecting spending behaviors. Read more
  • Debt Repayments Burden UK Households, Excluding Mortgages: The financial strain of debt repayment on households underscores the challenge of managing non-mortgage debts. Read more
  • FCA Employees Struggle with Real-Term Pay Cuts Amid Inflation: The financial regulator’s staff face difficulties as their salaries do not match up with the rising cost of living. Read more
  • Food Inflation Decrease Eases Budget Pressure on UK Households: The slowdown in food price increases provides some economic relief amidst broader inflationary pressures. Read more
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