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  1. Risk Tolerance Fluctuates Around Paydays
    • A study in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics examined how people’s risk-taking behavior changes before and after receiving their paychecks. Read more
  2. EU and Japan Share Views on AI
    • Both regions have similar perspectives on the development and implementation of artificial intelligence. Read more
  3. Nike’s Direct Revenues Rise
    • Nike Direct’s earnings report showed a 6% increase from the previous year, reaching $5.4 billion. Read more
  4. European Millennials Seek Unified Digital Apps
    • 42% of European millennials express a desire for an all-in-one application to streamline their digital activities. Read more
  5. FCA Alerts Firms on Crypto Promotion
    • On the first day of the crypto asset promotion regime, the FCA issued 146 alerts to non-compliant firms. Read more
  6. Snap Faces Preliminary Enforcement from UK ICO
    • The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a preliminary enforcement notice to Snap over potential privacy risks of its AI chatbot ‘My AI’. Read more
  7. American Express Tests Biometric Authentication
    • American Express pilots facial and fingerprint recognition for online checkouts, targeting a select group of US customers. Read more
  8. Small Business Credit Card Usage Surges
    • Amidst elevated inflation and high-interest rates, small business credit card spending in the UK has risen by 22% since the pandemic. Read more
  9. Cryptocurrency’s Relevance Questioned
    • The current global financial services ecosystem challenges the relevance of using cryptocurrency for activities that can’t be done with fiat currency. Read more
  10. Overseas Crypto Firms Warned by FCA
  • The FCA expresses concern over the lack of engagement from many unregistered overseas crypto firms that serve UK customers. Read more
  1. Inflation Impacts Small Business Spending Habits
  • Due to high inflation rates, small businesses are relying more on credit cards, with spending being 20% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Read more
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