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  1. Extra Energy Supply Director Banned for 6 Years: Ben-Moshe faces a 6-year ban for failing to ensure compliance with energy regulations. Read more
  2. Canadian Fintechs Demand Open Banking Framework: Technology leaders call for a clear roadmap on open banking in Canada. Read more
  3. Households Struggle Amid Rising Bills: Despite cost of living support, 7.3 million households go without essentials. Read more
  4. Vulnerability Among Older Homeowners: Brokers urged to recognize vulnerability in aging customers. Read more
  5. Inflation Drops to 4.6%: Consumer credit industry reacts to the decline in inflation. Read more
  6. CEO’s Guide to GenAI Costs: A look at the intricacies of GenAI adoption and its costs. Read more
  7. Tech World Divided Over AI: The tech community debates the safety and power of AI, leading to concerns of extinction. Read more
  8. Motivating Employees Effectively: A discussion on management assumptions and motivating the workforce. Read more
  9. Balancing Data-Sharing for Vulnerability: Considerations for sharing vulnerability data. Read more
  10. Government Claims Inflation Pledge Met: Economists credit energy price cap for a decline in inflation to 4.6%. Read more
  11. Extra Energy Supply Faces Investigation: Ofgem investigates complaints of high energy bills and poor handling of complaints. Read more
  12. Canadian Fintechs Seek Regulatory Clarity: Technology leaders call for guidance on open banking implementation. Read more
  13. Cost of Living Crisis Persists: Despite government support, millions still struggle to afford essentials. Read more
  14. Ensuring Customer Care for Vulnerable Homeowners: The Financial Conduct Authority emphasizes care for vulnerable customers. Read more
  15. Consumer Credit Industry Reacts to Falling Inflation: Relief as inflation declines, but challenges remain for savers. Read more
  16. CEO’s Role in GenAI Strategy: The continuous attention of CEOs is vital for GenAI strategy execution. Read more
  17. Tech World Divided Over AI Safety: Sam Altman’s stance on AI safety sparks debate on its potential risks. Read more
  18. Motivation Strategies for Managers: A historical perspective on workforce motivation theories. Read more
  19. Challenges in Vulnerability Data Sharing: Examining the complexities of sharing data related to vulnerability. Read more
  20. Government Addresses Inflation Decline: Government attributes inflation drop to energy price cap. Read more
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