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  1. Top 10 Countries By GDP Per Capita, by Region in 2023: Visual analysis of countries contributing the most to the EU’s economic sectors, with Ireland leading in GDP share. Read more
  2. Tech Internships in California and Washington Pay the Best: Unsurprisingly, internships in the tech sector offer the highest average salary rates in expensive states like California and Washington. Read more
  3. Insights from 22 AI Luminaries on Large Language Models: A distilled collection of opinions on the potential of large language models as a major step towards artificial general intelligence (AGI) and its associated risks. Read more
  4. Australia and Chile Dominate Global Lithium Production: As the leading producers, Australia and Chile account for nearly 77% of the world’s lithium production, with direct extraction from hard rock mines. Read more
  5. The EU’s Primary Economic Sectors: Analysis of the EU’s economic output across services, industry, construction, and agriculture (including fishing and forestry). Read more
  6. Ireland Holds the Highest Share in EU’s Industrial GDP: With a 40% share, Ireland’s economy leads in contributing to the EU’s gross domestic product from the industrial sector. Read more
  7. California, New York, and Other States with High Internship Salaries: States such as California, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Oregon, and Massachusetts offer the highest average salary rates for internships. Read more
  8. Finance Sector Internships in New York Follow Tech in Salary: After the tech sector in California and Washington, finance internships in New York offer the next highest average salaries. Read more
  9. The Likelihood of Artificial General Intelligence: Experts discuss the probability of achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) and the potential implications for society. Read more
  10. Comparing Emissions: EVs vs. Combustion Engine Vehicles: Examination of the life cycle emissions of electric, hybrid, and combustion engine vehicles. Read more
  11. Chile Ranks among Top Lithium Producers Globally: Chile stands out as one of the leading producers of lithium, contributing significantly to global production. Read more
  12. The EU’s Economic Output by Sector: Detailed analysis of the EU’s economic sectors, including services, industry, construction, and agriculture. Read more
  13. High Cost of Living in States with Lucrative Internships: Expensive states like California and New York offer higher intern salaries but come with a higher cost of living. Read more
  14. Language Models and the Risk of Civilizational Havoc: Examination of the potential risks associated with large language models and their impact on civilization. Read more
  15. Direct Lithium Extraction from Hard Rock Mines: Australia, the primary producer, extracts lithium directly from hard rock mines, specifically the mineral spodumene. Read more
  16. GDP Per Capita Analysis by Region in 2023: Insights into the GDP per capita rankings of countries across different regions. Read more
  17. Long Working Hours in OECD Countries: Visualization of annual working hours in countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Read more
  18. Tech and Finance Internships Offer Lucrative Salaries: Tech and finance sectors provide highly competitive internship salaries, particularly in California, New York, and Washington. Read more
  19. The Future Impact of Artificial General Intelligence: Assessing the potential consequences of artificial general intelligence (AGI) on society and global stability. Read more
  20. Environmental Impact: EVs vs. Combustion Engine Vehicles: A comparison of the environmental implications associated with electric, hybrid, and combustion engine vehicles. Read more
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