Podcast ¦ Credit Shift: Addressing Financial Distress Through Digital Engagement and Collaborative Solutions Insights from Citizens Advice CEO

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This podcast episode features an interview with Alison Dunn, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Gateshead, discussing the challenges faced by the organization and the scope of their work. Citizens Advice is a federated structure with 270 independent local charities, each with its own unique characteristics and services. They provide a core offer of money advice, welfare benefits, and housing, but also offer a variety of other services tailored to local needs. The podcast highlights the importance of being available to clients outside of traditional working hours and the need for face-to-face interaction in some cases. Alison also mentions the barriers to seeking help, such as the stigma around discussing money and the tendency to avoid addressing financial difficulties.

Key Points:
1. Citizens Advice is a network of 270 independent local charities with a core offer of money advice, welfare benefits, and housing.
2. The size and services...

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