Podcast ¦ Credit Shift: Pathways to AI Implementation and Excellence Ethical, Strategic and Operational Insights

Access the full podcast series here: https://credit-shift.captivate.fm/

This podcast episode discusses the barriers to adopting artificial intelligence (AI) in organizations. The guest, Javier Campos, shares insights from his experience as a Chief Information Officer and AI strategist. He highlights that the gap between the potential of AI and its actual implementation is widening because many organizations fail to address non-technical challenges. Campos emphasizes the importance of conducting a maturity assessment to understand where the organization stands in terms of AI implementation. He also advises focusing on business value rather than solely on data, and suggests exploring external data sources and aligning AI initiatives with company goals.

Key Points

Many organizations, regardless of their size or budget, struggle with AI implementation.
Non-technical challenges, such as governance and resource allocation, can hinder AI pro...

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