Podcast ¦ CreditShift : Debt by the Numbers, The Digital Divide and Poverty Premium

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Podcast Summary: Credit Shift News and Update
Hello and welcome to the Credit Shift News and Update podcast. In this episode, hosts Paul Sweeney and Cormac O'Neill discuss recent news stories, events, reports, and trends in the credit industry. This week's episode covers the departure of Liverpool football club manager Jurgen Klopp, the challenges faced by renters in making essential payments, the increase in debt among prepay energy customers, and the evolving landscape of the FinTech buy-now-pay-later industry.
Key Points:

In a single month, 1 in 6 renters missed an essential payment, while only 2.8% of homeowners faced the same issue.
The most commonly missed bill type among Universal Credit recipients was energy bills.
The amount of debt among prepay energy customers has reached 1 billion, with a 40% increase in the number of customers in debt.
Apple may be forced to unbundle its NFC chip, potentially allowing other payment services ...

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