Podcast ¦ Arum : NHS England and Unhealthy Debt

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The podcast episode features Catherine Francis Brown, the Income Delivery Leader at NHS England, who discusses the topic of debt in relation to the NHS. While the NHS is commonly associated with providing free healthcare, there are situations where debt arises, particularly with non-NHS debt. This includes billing overseas visitors who utilize NHS facilities, many of whom may be vulnerable and unable to pay. The interview explores how the NHS manages debt vulnerability, educates staff, and balances the need for debt recovery with the optics and fairness of the process.
Key Points:

Katherine Francis Brown is the Income Delivery Leader at NHS England.
NHS England is responsible for ensuring commissioning groups receive their budget allocations.
The NHS deals with non-NHS debt, including billing overseas visitors who use NHS facilities.
Many overseas visitors may be vulnerable and lack resources to pay their bills.
NHS Trust...

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