Podcast ¦ CreditShift : Spike in Defaults, Local Councils in Crisis, Fintech’s Leap Forward, Digital Banking and AI Chatbot Expectations

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In this podcast, Paul Sweeney, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Webio, interviews Cormac O'Neill, CEO and co-founder of Webio, about the recent news stories and trends in the credit industry. They discuss the launch of webydo's new user interface (UI) and its positive reception from customers. They also highlight the increase in mortgage defaults, credit card delinquencies, and loan payment defaults, which may result in banks reducing lending. Additionally, they discuss the rising cost of household bills and the need for consumers to negotiate insurance premiums. Finally, they address the issue of unpaid council tax bills and the financial difficulties faced by local councils.
Key Points

webydo announces the launch of its new user interface (UI) after 24 months of development.
Mortgage defaults and credit card and loan payment delinquencies have surged, potentially leading to reduced lending by banks.
The cost of household ...

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