Podcast ¦ CreditShift : Spike in Defaults, Local Councils in Crisis, Fintech’s Leap Forward, Digital Banking and AI Chatbot Expectations

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This podcast episode discusses recent news stories, events, reports, and trends in the credit industry. The hosts highlight the launch of a new UI by Webio, which has received positive feedback from customers. They also discuss the rise in mortgage defaults and missed payments on credit cards and loans, as well as the increasing household bills and council tax non-payment issues. The hosts provide insights and tips on negotiating insurance premiums and express concern over the financial difficulties faced by local councils.
Key Points

YPO has announced the launch of its new UI, which has been well-received by customers.
Mortgage defaults and missed payments on credit cards and loans have surged and are expected to continue rising.
Household bills, including energy, water, home insurance, motor insurance, and council tax, have significantly increased in the last 12 months.
Unpaid council tax bills across England have risen by 53%...

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