Podcast ¦ CX Diaries: Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Contact Centres Attracting and Developing Tomorrow’s Talent with Julia Morgan

Access the full podcast series hereSummary This podcast episode features an interview with Julia Morgan, South Directorate Manpower, as she discusses her journey into the recruitment part of contact centers and the key trends shaping the landscape of the industry. They also explore the challenges of high attrition rates and the issues faced in recruiting and retaining younger talent. Key Points: Technology is driving a different behavior in contact centers, rather than driving people out of the industry. Sales is becoming more integrated into contact center roles, including retention and upselling. Attrition rates in the contact center industry are higher than other sectors. Lack of emotional and behavioral training is a key factor contributing to high attrition rates. Career progression and clear communication of opportunities are important to retain employees. Customer satisfaction can be impacted if the right employees are not available to handle customer interactio...

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