Podcast ¦ CX Files: Barry Winkless – Future of Work Institute – Creating Attractive Destinations For Talent

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This podcast episode is a preview of Barry Winkler's talk at the CXO Conference in Atlanta, where he will be discussing the concept of designing destinations for talent. Winkler emphasizes the importance of adopting a destination mindset and creating organizations that people want to stay in. He draws inspiration from various industries, such as tourism, theme park design, and scriptwriting, to offer unique perspectives on attracting and retaining talent in the CX industry. Winkler also highlights the need for next-level storytelling in organizations, shifting from informative storytelling to narrative storytelling that engages and connects with individuals on a deeper level.

Key Points:
1. Creating a destination mindset: Organizations should think of themselves as destinations that attract and retain talent.
2. Knowledge from unexpected places: Drawing from different industries can provide fresh ideas and solutions for talent challenge...

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