Podcast ¦ CX Files: Bruce Winder – The Future Opportunities And Challenges For CX In Retail

Access the full podcast series here: https://cxfiles.libsyn.com/

Summary: In this podcast episode, the hosts discuss the state of customer experience in the retail sector with retail expert Bruce Winder. They highlight the importance of customer service and how it varies across different retailers and countries. They also explore the global element of customer experience in retail and the need for retailers to invest in superior customer service. They touch on the expectations of customers and what retailers should provide to ensure ongoing loyalty.

Key Points:

Retailers in the US and the UK are often seen as the gold standard in customer experience, while other countries like Canada are lagging behind.
Investing in customer service is crucial for retailers to attract and retain customers.
Customer expectations have shifted from patience to impatience, and retailers need to meet these new demands.
Understanding customers through data and providing personalized experiences is key for...

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