Podcast ¦ CX Files: Erin Broecker – Teleperformance – Using Content To Learn More About CX

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Key Take Aways

The importance of international participation in outsourcing events, as highlighted by Nearshore Nexus.
The growing trend of using multimedia, particularly podcasts, to communicate key trends in the CX sector.
The role of thought leadership in differentiating companies in the CX industry.
Teleperformance’s focus on content strategy to enhance its market position.
The significance of planning for future customer interactions in CX management.
The shift from traditional sales pitches to informative and educational content in business communications.
The integration of AI tools to enhance content creation and output.
The necessity of diverse content formats to cater to varying audience preferences.
The value of partnerships with credible institutions for thought leadership content.
The role of concise and impactful content in engaging modern audiences with shorter attention spans.
The use of social media, parti...

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