Podcast ¦ CX Files: Matt Kendall – BPO Bullhorn – A New Newsletter For The BPO & CX Community

Access the full podcast series here Summary Cognitive Copy, a ghostwriting service specializing in the BPO and CX industry, has launched a new newsletter called BPO Bullhorn. The weekly newsletter aims to provide valuable news and information on CX and BPO, curated from various sources in the industry. The newsletter is sent via email to a wide range of professionals, including executives, managers, analysts, researchers, and contact center companies. The response to the newsletter has been positive so far, with hundreds of subscribers joining in the first few weeks. The format of the newsletter in email form has been well-received, offering a more convenient way to access valuable content. Additionally, BPO Bullhorn has featured guest curators who contribute their own curated stories, adding diverse perspectives and insights to the newsletter. Key Points Cognitive Copy has launched a new email newsletter called BPO Bullhorn. The newsletter aims to provi...

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