Podcast ¦ CX Files: Michael Morrison – NCRI Inc – CX And BPO Trends In Canada

Access the full podcast series here Summary: This podcast discusses the evolution of customer experience management (CX) in Canada and challenges the perception that Canada is solely a cost-driven market. The guest, Michael Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer at NCRI, explains that in the past, Canada focused on supporting US clients due to favorable exchange rates. However, as the exchange rate shifted, the industry had to reinvent itself and prioritize domestic delivery for domestic clients. Morrison also highlights the need for a shift in the sourcing model, moving away from a race to the bottom pricing approach and instead focusing on value and transformational themes. He also mentions the emergence of new industries, such as health tech and fintech, as potential targets for CX partnerships. Key Points: Canada has experienced shifts in the CX market due to changes in the exchange rate and the emergence of new technologies. In the early days, Canada focused on suppo...

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