Podcast ¦ CX Files : Rob Dwyer – Happitu – What Can We Learn From CX Podcasting

Access the full podcast series here Summary Rob Dwyer, Vice President of Customer Engagement at Happy2 and host of the "Next in Queue" podcast, discussed his journey into the customer experience (CX) industry and the inspiration behind his podcast. He highlighted the importance of employee experience in driving CX and noted the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key trend in the industry. However, he acknowledged that many CX professionals have experienced pushback and disillusionment with AI, as it has not lived up to their expectations. Key Points Rob Dwyer fell into the CX industry after the 2008 financial crisis and started as an agent at Convergys. He launched the "Next in Queue" podcast, initially focusing on contact center industry topics, but later expanding the scope to cover all aspects of CX. Common themes emerging from the podcast include the recognition that employee experience is the foundation of CX and the increa...

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