Podcast ¦ CX Files: Rod Jones – 75 Not Out And Looking Back At Half A Century Of CX

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Summary: In this podcast episode, the hosts interview Rod Jones, a respected figure in the CX and BPO industry in South Africa, to commemorate his 75th birthday. Rod shares his journey in the industry, starting from the early days of manual processes and evolving to the technological advancements such as ACD, IVR, CTI, CRM, voice over IP, and cloud-based solutions. He also discusses the transformation of South Africa as an international CX player, from a fragmented market to a cohesive and successful offshore delivery point. He highlights the advantages of South Africa, such as its raw potential, and emphasizes the need for careful consideration and thoughtful implementation of AI in the industry.

Key Points: - Rod Jones has been involved in the CX and BPO industry for over four decades, starting with the establishment of customer clubs in the 1970s.

- In the early days, manual processes required careful planning and design before implementat...

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