Podcast ¦ CX Files: Vaishali Dialani – Konabos – CX And Data-Driven Analytic Decisions

Access the full podcast series here CX Files Podcast - Leveraging Data and Analytics in CX Strategy Summary This podcast episode discusses the importance of leveraging data and analytics in CX strategy. The guest speaker, by Shelley Gilani, shares insights on the need to gather a variety of data sources, personalize customer experiences, and measure and iterate constantly. The host also highlights the risk of organizations not investing in complex analytics tools, leading to a lack of strategic insights and inefficient decision-making. Key Points CX strategy requires leveraging different data sources to understand customer needs and personalize experiences. Organizations often rely on superficial information sources like social media, which can lead to ineffective strategies. Using complex analytics tools allows for deeper customer understanding and measurement of CX performance. An inadequate investment in analytics platforms can result in a lack of strategic insigh...

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