Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one where he just fixes it please – David Balko CX OpenToWork E170

Access the full podcast series here Summary Welcome to the CX Passport podcast, where the guest, David Balco, shares his insights on customer experience and its impact on business results. David highlights the importance of delivering a great customer experience to drive sales and brand loyalty, using his experience working with Volkswagen as an example. Key Points Customer experience is crucial for driving sales and brand loyalty. Enhancing the customer journey can lead to upselling and increased profitability. Understanding customer preferences and behavior can help tailor the experience. Joining up technology and data can streamline the customer experience. Providing the right inventory and personalized experiences can boost customer satisfaction. Consumers are more forgiving but still expect a great experience. Delivering a great experience can differentiate a brand in a competitive market. Key Statistics On average, customers test drive 2.4 cars before m...

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