Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one with CX automation – Jasen Williams Global VP Corporate Marketing Verint E168

Access the full podcast series here Summary: In this podcast episode, Jason Williams, the Global Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Verint, discusses the importance of storytelling in marketing and the role of AI in customer experience. He emphasizes the need for tangible and pragmatic outcomes, rather than abstract notions about AI. Williams highlights the ability of AI to balance cost savings and improved customer experience, dispelling the idea that it is an either/or scenario. He also explains how AI can enhance employee engagement and work-life balance, as well as provide better coaching and support for contact center agents. Key Points: Storytelling is important in marketing as it helps paint a high-resolution picture of success and aligns with the outcomes customers care about. AI is a tool that can deliver both cost savings and improved customer experience by augmenting the workforce, providing faster and more scalable solutions...

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