Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one with mental health and CX – Stephanie Coradin CEO & Founder DEMBO Inc E159

Access the full podcast series hereSummary: The podcast episode features guest Stephanie Corden, a leadership trainer and mental health advocate, who discusses the connection between mental wellness and customer experience. Corden emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in delivering exceptional customer interactions and highlights the need for companies to prioritize mental health within their organizations. She also addresses the challenge of faux empathy in customer service and argues that companies need to break free from scripted responses and allow team members to genuinely connect with customers. Key Points: Corden started linking mental health and leadership development during her time in hospitality, where she realized the importance of tailoring training to different environments and the role of mental wellness in how team members provide customer service. Mental wellness is crucial for team members to thrive in any environment. Being self-aware and grounded ...

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