Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one with outcomes not experiences – Jermaine Edwards B2B Customer Growth Strategist E157

Access the full podcast series here This podcast episode features a conversation with Jermaine Edwards, the founder and chief customer growth advisor at irreplaceable advisory group. Edwards discusses the challenges of building and scaling businesses and the skepticism towards customer experience (CX) initiatives in boardrooms. He emphasizes the importance of clear definitions in CX and highlights the need for a customer-centric culture that shapes decision making across the business. Edwards also emphasizes the focus on outcomes rather than just experiences and provides examples to illustrate this point. He mentions the importance of understanding your customers and tailoring the experience to their needs. Edwards concludes by highlighting the differences between McDonald's and Ferrari in terms of customer focus and decision making. Overall, the episode provides insights and practical advice for building customer-centric organizations. Key Points: Clear definitions in CX a...

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