Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one with the Disney Wisdom – Francesca Tempestini – Employee Experience Advocate E164

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This conversation is an episode of the CX Passport podcast, featuring Francesca Tempestini, a former employee at Disneyland Paris and a passionate advocate for customer and employee experience. Francesca discusses her realization that what she was doing at Disney was customer experience before it was even labeled as such. She emphasizes the importance of equipping employees with the right training and culture to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Francesca also shares her approach to being the face of the Disney brand in her role as Guest Relations, which involved actively listening to customers, investigating their concerns, finding solutions, and reporting back to the company. Key Points: - Francesca discovered the concept of customer experience through a book called "Be Our Guest" by the Disney Institute.
- Equipping employees with the right training and culture is crucial for delivering exceptional customer experiences.
- Acti...

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