Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one with the future of Customer Experience – Bill Staikos SVP at Medallia E155

Access the full podcast series hereSummary In this podcast episode, the guest, Bill Staikos, Senior Vice President and Executive Advisor at Medallia, discusses the future of customer experience (CX) in 2024 and beyond. He highlights the importance of a humanist and technologist mindset in delivering CX, the need for a CX Northstar rather than just a CX strategy, and the impact of emerging technologies such as generative AI on the customer journey. Staikos also reflects on the past challenges in CX and how organizations can learn from them to drive transformation and improve customer experiences. Key Points: Staikos predicts a foundational shift in CX within this decade, driven by automation and the integration of AI technologies. Four persona-types will play a crucial role in shaping the future of CX: humanists (practitioners of human-centered design), technologists (who leverage digital capabilities), futurists (who anticipate future changes), and architects (who focus on...

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