Podcast ¦ CX Passport: The one with the people heroes – Celia Fleischaker CMO at isloved E160

Access the full podcast series here Summary In this podcast episode, Celia Flaschberger, Chief Marketing Officer at isolved, discusses the importance of employee experience and its impact on customer experience. Flaschberger emphasizes the need for companies to prioritize employee experience in order to retain talent, increase employee referrals, and reduce time to fill positions. She also highlights the correlation between employee experience and customer experience, explaining that happy employees are more likely to provide a positive experience to customers. Key Points A happy employee is more likely to refer a candidate, resulting in faster and more effective recruitment. Retaining talent is crucial to avoid the war on talent and the costs associated with constantly filling positions. Employee experience encompasses the entire lifecycle of an employee, from the candidate stage to becoming an alumnus of the company. HR leaders largely believe that employee expectatio...

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