Podcast ¦ Debt Talk : Debt Talk Gambling & debt

Access the full podcast series here Summary The podcast discusses the gambling industry and its impact on individuals and society. The host speaks with Professor John Mulaney from Bournemouth University and Kathy Wade from Gamcare to delve into the subject. They cover the definition of gambling, the different types of gambling in the UK, the psychology behind gambling behavior, the shift towards online gambling, and the role of the Gambling Commission in regulation. The podcast highlights the need for responsible gambling strategies and explores the potential for government intervention. Key Points The gambling industry in the UK generates significant revenue, reaching over £15.1 billion annually. Types of gambling in the UK include sports betting, lottery, casino games, and online gambling. Gambling is a prevalent activity and has become normalized in society, influenced by advertising and socialization aspects. Technological advancements, specifically online gambling,...

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