Podcast ¦ Get Out of Wrap: 182 – Steven Miller – multiple award winning WFM & Planning Manager

Access the full podcast series hereSummaryIn this podcast episode, Stephen Miller, a Resource and Capacity Manager at benenden health, discusses his journey into the contact center industry and the importance of recognition for support functions like workforce management. He shares his experiences starting as a call center agent and moving into sales and planning roles. Stephen emphasizes the value of participating in awards and showcases for support functions in order to gain recognition and validation both within the industry and within their own organizations. Key PointsSupport functions like workforce management are crucial to the functioning of contact centers.Participating in awards and showcases is an opportunity to showcase the work of support functions and gain recognition.Planners and analysts are superheroes in the contact center industry.Recognition and validation from awards can help support functions influence decision-making within their organizations. Key...

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