Podcast ¦ Get Out of Wrap: 183 Chris Mounce of Evaluagent on the launch of a new service & all things quality

Access the full podcast series hereSummaryIn this podcast episode, the host interviews Chris Mounts, a quality and coaching specialist in the contact center industry. Chris shares his journey from a junior benefit assessor to a fraud investigator and eventually to his current role in coaching and evaluation. He discusses the importance of coaching and feedback in developing customer service skills and mentions the transferable nature of these skills outside of work. Chris also expresses his passion for the BlooAgent platform and how it has enhanced the coaching and evaluation process.Key Points:Chris recalls a significant event early in his career where he struggled to handle an angry customer and wished for coaching and support.He describes his transition from a fraud investigator to a customer service agent, where he discovered a passion for coaching and development.Chris emphasizes the transferable skills gained in the contact center industry, such as empathy and conflict resol...

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