Podcast ¦ Get out of wrap: 186 – David Holmes author of Leading the Line comes on to chat about the book

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The episode features a conversation with David Holmes, the sales director at SSC and author of the book "Leading the Line". The book focuses on providing practical and pragmatic advice for team leaders in contact centers. Holmes emphasizes the importance of belief in oneself and the need for team leaders to commit to their roles. He also discusses the significance of planning, coaching, and self-development in achieving success as a team leader.

Key Points:
- Holmes wrote "Leading the Line" to share his experiences and knowledge with team leaders in the contact center industry.
- The book emphasizes the challenges and importance of being a team leader and offers practical advice for success.
- Holmes believes that team leaders need to believe in themselves and their abilities in order to make a difference.
- The book highlights the significance of planning and prioritizing tasks to effectively manage a team.
- Coaching and self-developm...

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