Podcast ¦ Get out of wrap: 188 – A Team Leader Day at SSCL

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In this podcast episode, the speaker reflects on their experience spending a day with the team leaders at SSC L. They were impressed with the shared purpose and dynamic between the team leaders, who came from different departments and locations. The speaker emphasizes the importance of team leaders in the contact center industry and highlights the support and development opportunities provided by SSC L. They share insights from team leaders who discuss their experiences and offer tips for aspiring team leaders.

Key Points
- The speaker spent a day with the team leaders at SSC L and was impressed with their shared purpose and dynamic.
- The team leaders come from different departments and locations, but there is a real sense of unity and support.
- SSC L recognizes the importance of providing team leaders with development and support to ensure the success of the industry.
- Team leaders play a critical role in the contact center industry a...

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