Podcast ¦ Informing Choices : Generative AI – An Exploration of Alternative Futures

Access the full podcast series hereSummaryWelcome to the latest episode of The informing choices mini pod. In this episode, global futurist and Metaverse strategist Sylvia Calusa, strategic communicator and futurist Gina Clifford, and technology innovator Rob Tyree join the podcast to explore new perspectives on the future of content creation and the identity economy. They discuss three scenarios: frugal AI with an emphasis on ethics and sustainability, a tech supercharged world with immersive experiences and the rise of the identity economy, and a reality continuum with integration of human and AI throughout daily life.Key PointsThree scenarios explored: frugal AI, tech supercharged world, reality continuumFrugal AI emphasizes ethics, responsibility, regulation, and sustainabilityTech supercharged world features immersive experiences, virtual worlds, and the rise of the identity economyReality continuum offers a more balanced integration between human and AI, with an emphasis on ...

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