Podcast ¦ Informing Choices: The Future Wrapped Sustainable Packaging with Tracy Sutton and Hannah Worthington

Access the full podcast series here Welcome to the Latest Episode of the Informing Choices Mini Pod Podcast Summary The latest episode of The Informing Choices Mini Pod explores the field of sustainable packaging. The guests, Tracy Sutton and Hannah Worthington from specialty consultancy route, discuss the potential for innovation and transformative change in packaging systems. They highlight the importance of shifting towards circular systems that promote reuse and focus on using fewer resources. The guests envision a future where standards for packaging formats have been established, and consumers actively participate in collecting and reusing packaging. They emphasize the need for a combination of behavior change, system innovation, and regulation to drive the demand for sustainable packaging. The discussion also touches on the role of innovation beyond materials, incorporating design, product, and system innovation. Key Points In the future, packaging system...

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