Podcast ¦ Informing Choices: The Reskilling Emergency – The Age of the Continuous Newbie with Cat Barnard

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Key Take Aways

The pace of technological change is driving the need for continuous reskilling in the workforce.
Traditional education systems are misaligned with the demands of the modern workplace.
Successful reskilling examples highlight the importance of adapting to new technological advancements.
Digital literacy is broader than just coding; it involves making informed choices about digital technology.
Ethical considerations are crucial as workplaces adopt AI and other advanced technologies.
Organizations must normalize complexity and embrace it as a permanent aspect of business.
Decentralized decision-making and collective intelligence are essential for navigating complexity.
Continuous learning should be a core component of workplace culture, not a sporadic activity.
Leadership must model continuous learning behaviours to reinforce new cultural norms.
The potential for significant job displacement due to technology unde...

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