Podcast ¦ InformingChoices: A Day in the Life of an Enhanced Human in 2050 with Rohit Talwar

Access the full podcast series here Podcast Summary: The Future of Human Enhancements in 2050 Welcome to the latest episode of the podcast with Informing Choices Mini Pop. In this episode, the host and a guest futurist discuss the exciting possibilities of human enhancement in the year 2050. They explore how advancements in biotechnology, genetics, and information technology can potentially redefine what it means to be human. The discussion covers topics such as increased strength and endurance, enhanced memory and focus, direct communication with computers, and even life extension. With AI playing a significant role in these advancements, the question of regulation and control also arises. Key Points: Enhancing humans has been happening throughout history, from medicine to supplementation. Advancements in synthetic biology, information technology, and genetic engineering are blurring the boundaries between humans and technology. By 2050, enhanced humans may ...

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