Podcast ¦ InformingChoices: Design Fiction – Provoking the Future with Gina Clifford

Access the full podcast series hereSummary In this podcast episode, the hosts explore the concept of design fiction as a tool for considering the future. Design fiction involves speculating about possible futures through the design and portrayal of products, services, or scenarios. It blends storytelling and futurism with design thinking to explore the implications of emerging technologies and social trends. The episode discusses how design fiction can help organizations think differently and creatively about the future, and emphasizes the importance of grounding the future in the present to maintain relevance. Key Points Design fiction is a creative approach that uses storytelling and design thinking to speculate about possible futures. It involves the design and portrayal of products, services, or scenarios that blend elements of the familiar with unsettling new features to spark new ideas and thinking. Design fiction can help organizations consider and explore the impl...

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