Podcast ¦ Next In Queue: A Little Dignity and a Little Respect featuring Stacy Sherman

Access the full podcast series here Stacy Sherman, a professional speaker, advisor, LinkedIn instructor, author, and podcaster, discusses the challenges and opportunities for women in the business world. She shares her family history of women in business, the obstacles she has faced in her career, and the importance of designing for inclusion. Stacy also emphasizes the value of different perspectives and provides advice to her 20-year-old self. Stacy comes from a family of women in business and had strong female role models in her life. She experienced exclusion and challenges in the corporate world due to her gender. Designing for inclusion is crucial, as even small changes can make a significant impact in creating a more equal working environment. Having diverse perspectives, including women's voices, is essential for customer experience and business success. Stacy encourages women to speak up and address issues of exclusion or bias in a non-threatening and education...

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