Podcast ¦ Next In Queue: Good Against Remotes is One Thing

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In this episode of the Next in Queue podcast, the host discusses the benefits of AI-enabled mock calls in contact centers with Casper Kursus, the co-founder and CEO of Ramp. They talk about how mock calls, or roleplays, provide valuable practice time for agents to develop their skills and improve their performance. They also discuss the challenges of traditional mock calls, such as scalability and biases, and how AI can overcome these challenges. Kaspar shares how agents feel more comfortable roleplaying with AI and how AI can provide instant feedback on agent performance. The conversation highlights the exciting opportunities that AI brings to agent training and development in the contact center industry.
Key Points:

Mimicking a real customer conversation, mock calls provide valuable practice time for agents to improve their skills and develop soft skills.
Traditional mock calls have challenges in terms of scalability, biases, and the lim...

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