Podcast ¦ Next In Queue: I Know You Called featuring Douglas Tait

Access the full podcast series here Summary In this podcast, Douglas Tate, the Director of Telecom Global Markets at Oracle, discusses the threats in the voice channel and the importance of protecting contact centers from malicious activity. He highlights the use of SIP headers and metadata in identifying potential security risks and emphasizes the need for stronger measures to secure the voice network. Tate also mentions the impact of social engineering attacks and the role of AI in mitigating emerging threats. Key Points The use of star 69 to identify the last call return feature is now outdated due to the rise of VoIP and phone number spoofing. Oracle is utilizing the data in SIP headers to identify calls with potential malicious activity and provide protection to contact centers. Social engineering attacks exploit the human tendency to trust and can lead to significant cybersecurity failures. The SIP protocol provides valuable metadata about incoming calls, incl...

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