Podcast ¦ Next In Queue: Who Do You Trust featuring Dawud Gordon and Ivan Milenkovic

Access the full podcast series here Summary This podcast episode discusses the importance of security in the BPO sector and how AI is changing the landscape. The hosts explore the opportunities and risks of AI in BPO security, the challenges of traditional security measures, and the limitations of user responsibility in ensuring security. Key Points The BPO industry faces significant security risks due to potential breaches and attacks. AI offers opportunities for increased efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and customer experience enhancement in the BPO industry. However, adopting AI also brings risks, such as job displacement and technology dependence. Language models are being used by attackers to generate realistic phishing emails, posing a threat to BPO employees. Companies must prioritize protecting their employees' identities to mitigate security risks. Open-source AI tools allow attackers to create sophisticated, personalized attacks on BPOs. Video and vo...

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