Podcast ¦ Punk CX: If you aren’t fixing the bigger picture, then you are just putting a band-aid on the problem – Interview with Zig Serafin of Qualtrics

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In this podcast episode, Andrea Cisco interviews Zig Serafin, the CEO of Qualtrics. They discuss the impact of AI in understanding human behavior and building deeper human connections. Qualtrics is able to create the largest customer sentiment database on the planet by collecting data from various industries to gain insights into customer needs and preferences. Serafin also explains how Qualtrics' operating system and AI foundation are used to develop specialized AI models for different applications. The market for Qualtrics' approach is mature, with many admired companies already adopting their system. Qualtrics also provides support and best practices through their partner community and XM Institute.

Key Points:
- AI is a transformative force in driving revenue growth and improving customer experience.
- Qualtrics has created the largest customer sentiment database by collecting data from various industries.
- The operating system and...

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