Podcast ¦ Punk CX: Lessons learnt from testing Copilot for service across tens of thousands of service engineers – Interview with Jeff Comstock of Microsoft

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Key Take Aways

Jeff Comstock's career at Microsoft spans nearly 24 years, focusing on enterprise applications and customer service solutions.Dynamics 365 Customer Service has been identified as a leader in Forrester Wave and Gartner rankings, particularly excelling in business intelligence, process management, and collaboration.Microsoft integrates market-leading components like Azure and the Power Platform into Dynamics 365, enhancing its capabilities in analytics, low-code/no-code configuration, and collaboration.Dynamics 365 Customer Service supports seamless collaboration for agents, minimizing the need to switch between applications.Microsoft offers generative AI capabilities directly within Dynamics 365, providing case summarization, conversation summarization, email assistance, and Q&A features.The introduction of Copilot for Service extends generative AI capabilities to any CRM, not just Dynamics 365, enhancing accessibility for...

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