Podcast ¦ Punk CX: The Generative AI landscape The good, the bad and the boring – Interview with Don Schuerman of Pega

Access the full podcast series hereWelcome to the punk CX podcast Welcome to the punk CX podcast. My name is Adrian Swisco. I'm an advisor, author and general explorer of the service and experience space. My guests tend to have just really some interesting research, they run a company that has some interesting tech in the service and experience space. They're part of an organization that is doing some cool stuff, or they run their own business doing interesting things for both their customers and or their employees. That's enough for me. Let's get into the interview. Interview with Dawn Sherman Welcome back to the podcast, Dawn Sherman, the CTO of pega systems, an enterprise software company specializing in enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platforms. In this episode, Adrian and Dawn discuss the upcoming pega world conference, the current landscape of AI in the enterprise world, and how to differentiate between what is real and what is just smoke and mirrors in ...

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