Podcast ¦ Punk CX: You don’t get promoted for teaching people how to wash their hands – Interview with James Lawther

Access the full podcast series hereWelcome to the punk CX podcast! In this episode, Adrian Swinscoe interviews James Lowther, a longtime friend and author of the book "Managed by Morons: The Path to a Thriving Organization." The book is aimed at middle and senior managers of large organizations and aims to simplify the concept of management. James believes that many organizations are mediocre and attributes this to a lack of focus on customers, a failure to learn and improve systems, and a culture of managers thinking they know everything. He argues that successful organizations prioritize their customers, understand how their organization works, and involve employees in improvement efforts. James emphasizes the importance of middle management in driving performance and suggests that investing in this layer can make a significant difference in an organization's success. Management is easy but often not done properly Most organizations are mediocre due to a lack of focus ...

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