Podcast ¦ PunkCX : Punk CX: Leadership lessons from the winner of the 2023 CX Leader of the Year – Interview with Roxie Strohmenger of UKG

Access the full podcast series here Summary Roxy Stromberg Berger, an experienced customer experience (CX) leader and current Senior Director of HCM Experience at UKG, was recently named the winner of the my customer CX Leader of the Year 2023 competition. Roxy has a background in psychology and decision sciences, and has spent nearly 20 years working in the CX space. She has a strong focus on understanding customer emotions and catering to their needs within the context of financial parameters. Roxy emphasizes the importance of tailoring communication styles to different personality types and stakeholders, and recognizes the challenges faced by women in leadership roles in male-dominated industries. Her approach to CX leadership and her ability to navigate these challenges has contributed to her success. Key Points Roxy Stromberg Berger, Senior Director of HCM Experience at UKG, won the my customer CX Leader of the...

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