Podcast ¦ PunkCX : Punk CX: The frontline is where you connect EX and CX together in a very natural way – Interview with Joe Tyrell of Medallia

Access the full podcast series here Summary Joe Tyrell, CEO of Medallia, discusses the importance of employee experience and its connection to customer satisfaction. He emphasizes the need for companies to focus on a few critical KPIs rather than being overwhelmed by too much data. Tyrell also highlights the impact of generative AI on the future of customer experience, noting that companies need to identify specific use cases where the value is high and the risk is low. He believes that AI has the potential to make a game-changing impact on personalized experiences. Key Points Understanding employee engagement is crucial for improving customer satisfaction. Companies are beginning to focus on a few critical KPIs to avoid data overload. Consolidation of systems is important to eliminate data silos and improve data analysis. Generative AI has generated a lot of hype, but companies are still figuring out how to deploy it effectively. Predictive AI has the potential to cha...

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